26 February 2012

Wonder why atheists are so rude? Here’s why

University courses have resumed for the year, and unis have been holding their customary Orientation Day (or O-Day) for new undergrads. Daniel from Perth recently had this conversation at the O-Day for the University of Western Australia.

Incidentally, it’s not just religious folks who get their smallclothes in a twist over irreverent, straight-talking atheists. Even within the ranks of the godless, there are those who think that some atheists are unnecessarily antagonistic. I have expressed my views on the matter, which can be summed up thus: we need different approaches in the good fight against the pernicious aspects of religion. One person’s ‘rude’ can be another person’s ‘bluntly honest’.

But I would suggest to those atheists who prefer to play good cop that they don’t accuse the bad cop atheists of being ‘smug’, therefore implying some sort of moral superiority in being the nice guy. You want to take the softly-softly route, more power to you. But it’s kinda hypocritical to be smug about being unsmug, don’t you think?

HT: PZ Myers


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