23 October 2012

The photography of René Maltête

I recently came across a collection of photos in the pages of Milk magazine that captivated me with its humour, wit and serendipity. The photographer was a Frenchman named René Maltête (1930 – 2000). Though less well-known than his French-American peer Elliott Erwitt, Maltête had the same eye (and timing) for spontaneous, funny moments that were only immortalised on film thanks to the pairing of good fortune with the adroit touch of the photographer. It’s a kind of photography that really impresses me – and inspires my own approach – because of its emphasis on the subject matter, rather than technical polish or elaborate contrivance. Photographs taken by Maltête or Erwitt are never trite.

Some of Maltête’s best work (click to enlarge):

"You are the majority"

Genetics 101

"The seven deadly sins"

More of Maltête’s delightful photos can be viewed here.



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