31 January 2012

This is also what I think about Islam

Over at Daylight Atheism, Adam Lee clearly states his views on Islam. He is fair, and his post is free of the heated emotion typically found in the writings of anti-Islam polemicists like Maryam Namazie (which isn’t to say that such emotion is unjustified). Lee is essentially arguing for secularism, not atheism per se. I don’t disagree with any of his points, and doubt that any reasonable person, Muslims included, would accuse Lee of bigotry.

Lee further elaborates his views in the comments section:

Although I obviously reject its supernatural claims as false, I don't think Islam is intrinsically worse than any other belief. I think Islam today is more or less where Christianity was about seven hundred years ago, that is to say, the dark ages. Considering that Islam was founded about seven hundred years after Christianity, that's to be expected. Unfortunately, in a world where dark-age minds can grasp 21st-century weapons, we may not have the same luxury of time. Islam badly needs an Enlightenment of its own, but I don't think humanity can afford to wait a few more centuries for it to happen.

A fair and, in my opinion, correct observation.


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