10 January 2012

This is all kinds of awesome

The Haredi are an ultra-conservative sect of Judaism, and they’re making their chauvinistic presence known in Beit Shemesh, a city in Israel’s Jerusalem district. From verbally and physically assaulting schoolgirls for dressing ‘indecently’ to imposing gender segregation on public buses, Haredi zealots (invariably men) are bent on making women and girls feel like second-class citizens in their own city.

But the feisty females of Beit Shemesh are not going to let the Haredi men’s sexism go unchallenged. The Haredi want them to be silent and unseen. So these women organised a flash mob instead to dance and sing loudly to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, in full view of possibly the same men who seek to oppress them.

Epic win.

HT: Rebecca Watson at Skepchick


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