31 July 2011

Australian National School Chaplaincy Program to be challenged in the High Court

I’ve previously written about how the National School Chaplaincy Program is little more than a covert proselytising operation by evangelical Christians, who view the program as a “God-given open door” to “take the Christian faith into our schools and share it”. This clear breach of state secularism has alarmed many Australian parents who aren’t keen to have their children’s psychological welfare left in the hands of unqualified volunteers with religious biases.

One of those concerned parents, Ron Williams, has mounted a legal challenge to the NSCP, and his case will be heard in the High Court from August 9. Here’s a video that Williams produced to explain why he is challenging the NSCP in court, and to appeal for financial support:

If you believe that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for unqualified religious volunteers to look after children’s emotional and psychological welfare, then please consider helping out with Ron Williams’s legal costs. You can donate to this important cause at the High Court Challenge website.

NSCP chaplains may be well-meaning people, but in the context of providing counseling to schoolchildren, good intentions are not enough. Counselors also need proper job qualifications and should abide by Australia’s constitutional secularism, even if religionists oppose it.


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