26 June 2011

Did these people even READ the letter?

The creationist Ken Ham caught wind of PZ Myers’s letter to one of Ham’s brainwashed victims, 9 year old Emma. Ham must have got all riled up over being called “a poor teacher” who gives “bad answers”, so he wrote a Facebook post accusing Myers (who Ham doesn’t name but coyly refers to as “a well known atheist”) and his fellow atheists of being “extremely intolerant people who in their anger, shake their fist at God.”

But Ham does not provide a link to Myers’s letter.

Is Ham afraid that if he actually allowed people to read the “extremely intolerant” letter “attacking” Christians, they would realise that he lied about the nature of that letter? And judging by the comments of his fellow supernaturalists, they’re sure quick to jump to conclusions about how mean and vicious atheists are without having even read Myers’s letter.

Some choice ejaculations from the God-botherers responding to Ham’s post:

I am so glad that the world is still filled with far, far more people like Emma and her mom than people like these atheists who will stoop to anything, including viciously attacking a little girl. You don't attack kids, atheists. You just don't.

Only someone who didn’t even read Myers’s post will think that a kindly, professorial letter is a vicious attack on a little girl.

My husband works in the museum industry. While at a conference he challenged the speaker about evolution presented as "fact" on the exhibits. I believe if the speaker had a gun he would have shot him... no kidding. These people are militant.

Yes, because ‘militant’ atheists are the ones going around shooting people who violate their ideology.

And atheists claim to be the authority on logic and have morality without Christ in their lives. Their behavior simply goes to show their ignorance and intolerance of anything biblical. Ken has every right to block these people from his blog and his FB page. All they do is complain and troll.

So atheists are ignorant and intolerant, but Christians like Ken Ham who teach kids to reject science and knowledge while censoring critics are obviously not.

Lately I’ve been trying to be more sympathetic to supernaturalists like Ken Ham and his fellow Jesus fans, avoiding excessively mocking language and caricature in my posts. But such ridiculous supernaturalist antics sorely test my resolution to be a kinder critic of kookery. In this instance, the stupid just burns.


UPDATE: I've noticed that comments on Ken Ham's post that were critical of him and his religion but were in no way rude have been removed. They were there when I started writing this and linked to Ham's FB post, but have since vanished. Christian courage and tolerance on full display.

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