28 August 2009

List of things to do

  1. Exercise justified pride, never false modesty.

  2. Realise that solipsism is the most intellectually honest position one can hold with any certainty.

  3. Be capricious but authentic, rather than dependable but insincere.

  4. Put on your finest clothes, and leave others to project their hopes, fears and secret longings onto your appearance. You shall be their mirror, though they may hate you for what you reveal of them.

  5. Avoid presumption. Stick to the facts.

  6. Reject euphemisms that aim to deceive, obscure and confuse.

  7. Carefully evaluate all memes that your brain absorbs.

  8. Recognise nonsense and ugliness whenever you encounter them. Despite relativist, postmodern pretension, such things do exist, as do their opposites – knowledge and beauty.

  9. Carry a sharp blade to place in your critics’ hands, which they may use to cut your throat if only they had the courage of their pathetic convictions to do so.

  10. Be kind, generous and brave.

  11. Ignore all who are cruel, mean and cowardly.

  12. Take care of your psychology.

  13. Tell someone they’re beautiful.

  14. Eat good quality chocolate. Anything Belgian will do nicely.

  15. Do not hesitate to physically destroy anyone who would harm you or another. Let not only the Orcs be strong.

  16. Watch good quality porn. Anything Belgian will do nicely.


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