04 May 2009

The post-theological age

Bring on the post-theological age!

Theological inquiry may have been the natural next step forward from our pre-theological past, when our remote ancestors were not intellectually developed enough to ask the big questions about life, the universe and everything (and lacked the sense of humour that would have found the answer ‘Forty-two’ a ticklish one). Yet terrible signs throughout history warn us that theology, with its attendant superstitions and myths, has long since become irrelevant, even destructive, to human hopes and endeavours towards a better future.

To speak of a post-theological era of civilization is to speak of a future filled with optimism, courage, curiosity, freedom, prosperity and intellectual achievement. It is especially optimism that prompts me to declare that the post-theological age is inevitable, for it is the natural next step forward from the current theological age. The twin forces of secularism and scientific progress are gaining a widening influence around the world, displacing theocracies and false traditions. Humanity will not believe in gods forever. As a child eventually outgrows his need for irrational comforts from supernatural fears, so too will humanity emerge from its ‘self-imposed immaturity’ by discarding outmoded beliefs in preference for rational, liberal and humane convictions.

Reason, compassion and unfettered imagination will infuse all human action and thought, lighting the darkness of both the internal sphere of the human character and the external realm of unexplored space.


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